Why A Beneficiary Check-up Is Important

When was the last time you reviewed the beneficiaries on your accounts? Time goes by quickly and, as they say, “life happens.” Things change in your life and because you are so busy, there’s a tendency to put it at the bottom of your To-Do list or even forget about it altogether. You may understand … Read more

How Nursing Home Planning Can Protect Your Assets

How Nursing Home Planning Can Protect Your Assets

It’s a difficult subject to consider, but are you prepared if you or your loved ones must be admitted to a nursing home? Of course, we all want to be able to live out our days in our home. The reality is that most will be faced with the difficult decision of admitting a loved … Read more

Our Mission is to Educate

Choosing an attorney should be done carefully and certainly not solely based on advertisements. You should match your needs with the attorney’s areas of practice. The law is vast and complex. It is difficult to be knowledgeable and have first-hand experience in all areas. Therefore, it becomes crucial for attorneys to limit their focus to … Read more

Protect Your Business With Confidentiality Agreements

Some small business owners have created an idea or product that contains a new business model, invention, or other trade secrets. Far too often, these same business owners don’t take into consideration how important it is to have documents in place to protect their ideas. Perhaps they are consumed with the hectic operations of growing … Read more

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